Succession – what can family businesses learn from the Royal Family?

Buckingham Palace As Harry and Meghan hit the headlines with their announcement that they plan to stand back from senior royal duties, Buckingham Palace don’t appear to have been involved or potentially even aware / in agreement with the announcement, so what can family businesses learn about PR during a challenging succession? Here are our [...]

First PR agency focusing on family owned businesses launches in Scotland – Relative PR unveiled by team behind Muckle Media

Relative PR, a new public relations and communications agency, is being launched today for family owned enterprises looking to grow and future-proof their businesses. Thought to be the world’s first specialist in family owned brands, the new agency, headquartered in Edinburgh, has been set-up by the team behind the award-winning Muckle Media PR consultancy. It [...]

Relative PR Communications Wheel

All of our work is centred on our PR wheel, which benchmarks brands in ten areas and helps us to develop a workable plan to futureproof your brand. The areas we cover are: InsightsStrategy ReputationPlanning CapacityStakeholdersContentChannels CrisisManagement